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The Story

Today, Pie Corbett held a shared writing session at Plymouth University with the audience. Pie used the image below that was voted as the one you wanted to use and the old dusty book, which was also voted as the object you wanted to include. The shared writing is below, your task is to get your pupils to finish the story. Please get them to add their story as a comment. Good luck!

Tearful, Cheery stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as she waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, she paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, she blew the dust off and saw the title. Gasping, she dropped it!



My Digital Story

Welcome to the Official SWGfL Mitchell and Pie Look blog. This is the place where the analogue meets the digital! On Tuesday morning, Pie Corbett as part of his Keynote at the SWGfL conference in Plymouth