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Today, Pie Corbett held a shared writing session at Plymouth University with the audience. Pie used the image below that was voted as the one you wanted to use and the old dusty book, which was also voted as the object you wanted to include. The shared writing is below, your task is to get your pupils to finish the story. Please get them to add their story as a comment. Good luck!

Tearful, Cheery stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as she waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, she paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, she blew the dust off and saw the title. Gasping, she dropped it!




  1. Anna says:

    It was a book of her life. Beginning to end. Cheery was cheery no longer.

  2. Ella says:

    The book was called “the Answers” and it had a heartbeat. It contained everything. The endings to all the unfinished stories of history. The author was J. P. Hall, a well-known and outspoken proffessor who had mysteriously disappeared several weeks ago.

  3. She bite her lip, as the book crunched her toes.

  4. Tilly says:

    It was her old german book – she didn’t want to go back to school thank you very much!

  5. Nicki Carvell says:

    Cheery slowly looked down to where the book lay. She dared herself to acknowledge that this was the moment…. the moment she knew would one day be her destiny. Within the leather bound cover, she knew that her family’s greatest secret was revealed. Sinking to the floor, Cheery sat next to the book and cautiously ran her hand across the tired cover, she would open it, but not yet, not here.

  6. Louisa says:

    Could it be the book of secrets the book that would take you to hidden lands? carefully she picked it up and carried it to the window, this could be the beginning of many adventures.

    1. Xlegoboy says:

      Great ending of the story. Little bit short though

    2. supersonic willand says:

      I love the start of this story.I can get a good picture of the story in my head.

  7. Violet Willand says:

    She stared at it for a moment or two the title was mysteries. She was shivering with fear.She was so brave she sighed and trudged towards the book. Nervously, she picked up the book and hid it in a draw up high.

  8. Strawberry Willand says:

    Then she picked it up in wonder and realised that the title was the Secret Faraway Bush. Cheery cautiously peered into the book but when she did she whizzed back to the 1530’s. She found herself in an old crumbling house. Suddenly a maid ran past her.

  9. joe 'n' josh says:

    She swiftly walked back towards the large,dusty book. The words’ SUBURBAN ALMANAC of MAGIC SEEDS by proffessor Mark Gandy, Father of Cheery Gandy.’ That night she fell in to a deep sleep under some warm bed sheets next to her father’s magic book. What on earth could the seeds be for?

    joseph and joshua, year 4,mary deans primary school.

  10. Regina says:

    She gazed at the mysterious book, then slowly she turned it around and read the title. It was ‘ The book of the cursed spells ‘ and at the very bottom of the book it said ‘ Please dont open, it could really destroy your life and others!!! ‘ But she was so suspicious that she couldn’t help it so she opened the book and something terrible happened, the book just suddenly sucked her up and she was lost forever!!!

    Regina, Mary Dean’s Primary

  11. Leony says:

    Her big green eyes got wider and wider, and in a blink of an eye she was on the floor with her eyes shut, but 10 minutes after she fainted she woke up feeling very scared. Cheery glanced back at the dusty old book, picked it up and fearfully read it. Part of the book said ‘You have only 5 little weeks to live, so you have to say goodbye to your family in spain… She quickly dropped the book and ran down the creeky starirs feeling as shocked as you could imagine and put her bright blue jacket on and called for a taxi but it didn’t come… Cheery ran and ran as fast as a bolt to the airport she needed to pay $55.00 but she didn’t have any money what so ever and sadly didn’t know what to do next…

    Leony, Mary Dean’s Primary School

  12. charlie and jamie says:

    This book was her mums diary,when she went to bed,the diary began to talk to her. It sounded like her mums voice. Suddenly she fainted… When she woke up the next morning, she was in another dimension!!! She saw her mum inside a replica of their house. Cheery went upstairs to see her mum. She opened her door and saw her making her bed. Her mum turned around and she disappeared into thin air, nowhere to be seen.

    Charlie and Jamie Year 4, Mary Deans Primary

  13. marnie and sebastien says:

    She slowly picked the book back up,the title read DEATH! She opened the pages and out fell a grim reaper card. Frozen in shock her mouth fell open. Suddenly the grim reaper came alive and swung his sythe at her. Cheery screamed, a blood-curdling scream…the grim reaper laughed evily mwah ha ha ha ha! Then she burst into flames…
    Marnie and Seb mary deans primary school

  14. Adrian says:

    She slowly walked backwards to the exit filled with cobwebs and spiders, she ran to her room full of pink then she went to sleep and dreamt of the old book. Next morning, while Cheery was getting up she was thinking what book it is, and who it belonged to, so she went to the empty attic but the old maybe abandoned book, she saw the book, picked it up slowly and mysteriously she read the title, let out a big gasp… there was no title! She opened it, no words, no writing and no author. She looked at the blurb it only said look behind you…

    Adrian mary deans primary school

  15. deven says:

    She picked it up again.The title was:The life of sandra canning.she scanned it for the authors name,while holding back tears.Sandra canning was cheerys mother who disapeared when she was a baby.Something in the corner caught cheerys eye .the author was:cheery canning! deven,mary deans primary

  16. Saul and Reuben says:

    She slowly fixed her eyes on the book.The title read “The Book of Souls”. She used the side of her foot to kick the the book on to its other side.Ther was no blurb,just in bold capital letters was DO NOT OPEN.She crouched on her knees and pressed her ear against it.She heard a faint whisper!She quickly pulled her ear away.She thought about it and decided to open it.A large puff of smoke came up and black blurry figures ran around the room.One turned and charged at her and she fell over and blacked out!She woke up in a large tudor king size bed in a kings room in a fat body fully clothed!The room was full of food, lots of food!

    Reuben and Saul,Mary Deans Primary

  17. lauren says:

    She jumped as the book touched the floor boards of the dusty old attic. She picked up the book again and tried to look for the author. She found by…. but the book was so old and worn that the authors name had worn away. She opened the book. Then without any warning a bright golden light came out of the book. She looked away, when she looked back she was in a mythical land!!!! by lauren at mary deans primary

  18. karolina says:

    She gazed at the old torn book then she read the title, it said DO NOT OPEN OR YOU MAY BE CURSED. Cheery did not know what to do , so she went down stairs with the book then she sat on the sofa and turned the t.v on . As she did she noticed the book moving towards her .So she picked it up and slowly opened it ,suddenly sparks emerged from the book with a puff of smoke . Then she read the first page …

    mary deans primary school

  19. William,Robbie says:

    When Cheery picked up the book again she opened it only to find it was blank!
    Then out fell a treasure map. The next day Cheery and her dog Mickey set off on the treasure hunt. When she was half way there she found the field was flooded. So she decided to start afresh the next week. On the folowing monday she started again. When she got to the field she found it was clear so she jumped over the fence and into the field mickey just crawled under the fence. A few hours later she got to a cottage where she rested for the night.

    William and Robbie, mary deans primary

  20. Bryony Annie says:

    The title of the book was “The Adventures to the Mysterious Island”. After the shock she took a deep breath and opened the dusty old book, then suddenly the book made a sparkly apperance and she got whisked away to the mysterious island where there were volcanos and dangerous dragons lived. There were also sparkly waterfalls, volcanos that erupted chunks of gold and ENORMOUS animals turned tiny and tiny animals turned ENORMOUS !!It was a beautiful sight and to think she was only 12 nearly 13. She thought to her self is this a dream?????????????????????

    by bryony and annie mary deans primary school

  21. joe and tommy says:

    She slowly picked it back up even though it was the book of the dead(Greek version). Half frozen with shock she opened the contents and hastily scanned the page. With shock she saw her husbands name then with absolute horror she saw her own name! “You will die tonight” she read allowed. The very same night a murderer came, and with a blood curdling cry she slumped dead.

  22. Scott and Harry says:

    Cheery looked at it again and the title said
    “Im coming for you.” She threw the book on the floor and ran out the room silently but quickly. That night after her mum tucked her in, Cheery hid the book in the covers of her bed. Then she pulled the gleeming brown book out with fear.
    She looked at the cover of the book in confusion, on the back it said ” DO NOT READ!”. But she ignored it and opened the forbidden book …
    She gasped, it then unleashed another dimension. Is this the adventure of her life?

    By Scott and Harry mary dean’s primary

  23. johnpaul says:

    The author was Otis Saval her father. Otis and Maria, Cheerys Mum ,had disapeared yesterday.The book was called the next dimenson.It was supossed to be a normal book but it was cursed by evil wizard Atal

    johnpaul mary dean’s primary

  24. Madeleine and Amy says:

    “It is a diary of my mums childhood!” Cheery exclaimed to herself quietly.

    That night she heard some pages ruffling wildly.She awoke with a start. The book was coming right for her!

    Next thing she knew she was standing in her pyjamas in what seemed to be her mums old boarding school.Suddenly she saw the schools biggest fiendish bully was dragging her mum up the stairs by the collar.

    Next thing she knew she was back in bed in the attic libray of the orphanage.With the book lying open next to her.
    “I kind of knew it was a bad idea to set the house up in flames but it was to payback for what she had done to me!I really miss mother now!”

    She felt a tear of mournfulness trickle down her cheek.She whipped it away with her sleve and mumbled,”I am very small but very determined!”She gave a small giggle at the thought of that!

    Madeleine and Amy. Mary Deans Primary

  25. PAISLEY AND LILY says:

    Not realising what it was,she gently lifted it upon her fathers old feathered cushion.Cheery was desperete as ever to read the old dusty book but faith told her she shouldnt.Suddenly she noticed old victorian font,she started to waltz down the twisting roundabout like stairs to show her mother what she had found still wishing her father there.

    “Oh still dancing with daddy”said her mother softly whilst shedding a tear.
    “Mum, oh mum, look what i found!”

    Her sobbing mother looked puzzled whilst staring at the leather smelling book.And then asked where did you find it?”
    She followed cheery up the creaky stairs and found where the diary laid and cheery hugging the book sitting on the cold wooden floorboards.

    Her mum straight away fetched a book stand and placed the torn book straight into place.

    They both gazed at at the book for minutes until it was time for bed.

    But however cheery could not get to sleep that night she was too worried about the diary.So she planned to have a quick read.She sneakily tiptoed up the dusty cobweb stairs.She was able to read a couple pages before she heard her mum climbing up the stairs.They both had the same idea! “Mum i`ve got to read more,”She begged and so they snuggled under a comfy cosy blanket and read it over and over until cheery fell asleep.

    Paisley and Lily
    Mary Deans primary school.

  26. She fell back as soon as she read out

  27. The book was called The Pokemon Tactical Guide before she open the old tea coloured page.






    The book had a Pokeball slot inside and she opened it to find a leaf type Pokemon called Turtwig. Suddenly a Buizel appeared and she was in her first Pokemon battle. She looked through the book to find that grass was effective against water. Her Pokemon was a level seven and it had Razor Leaf. she used it and the level four Buizel had one HP left. She quickly remembered how her grandma gave her a Pokeball when she was younger . The Buizel used a water type move that only took two

    HP of of her Pokemon. She rapidly threw her spare poke ball and caught the wild Buizel. The battle was over

  28. Tearful, Cheery stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as she waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, she paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, she blew the dust off and saw the title. Gasping, she dropped it

  29. As she grabs the book again she slowly flicks open the first page, nothing until a blinding flash of light shone out and burned hot red with steaming beams heating her hand and forcing her to drop the mystical book.

    Now with the room clean empty the describing of the words have come to life and have spread in the room and waiting for a body to enter them.The papers say that many ineocent people have been killed during the visit of the house of the palmers.

    One little girl has entered the house to try and stop the creatures but first she has to get to the book and shut it so she prepares herself with shields all over herself but then she sprints to the book as lots of creatures pound towards her but she still go

  30. Curiously she picked the book shaking, then she heard a noise from behind him but when she didn

  31. Tearful, Cheery stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as she waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into the sunlight. Abruptly, she paused. There by the dark fireplace lay a dusty old book. Picking it up, she blew the dust off and saw the title bold. Gasping, she dropped it!

    In petrifying,bold writing on the front cover of a old book read the pirates lair it also, had a picture of a bloodthirsty pirate.she quickly glanced around the ancient library to check there were not any pirates lurking in the corners of the library ready to eat her up for dinner.

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw a ruthless pirate. It had drawn its cutlass and swiped at her and she only just ducked it she quickly ran out of the room slamming the door on the blood thirsty pirates hand. The Blood thirsty pirate naver bothered the people again The End.

  32. Silence. Cheery lay on the floor as a damsel in distress.Bleur.

  33. Moush Willand says:

    When the girl droped the book the atic was no longer an atic, it was a forist! The tittle appeared on the book it said The Avenchers of the forist and the gril started to grow fur!

    1. katzumapoppet says:

      Great story! tell me what happens next.

  34. Speedo Willand says:

    Cautiously she picked the book up, she read it, suddenly the book came to life and dissapeard! Cheery found the book it turned into a bear and caught Cheery. The bear frightend Cheery .Cheery gasped ” ahhhh” .

    1. Strawberry Willand says:

      oo that sounds realy scary.

  35. Poppy Willand says:

    Nervously,Cheery picked up the heavy book again. She opened it , the walls were going away quickly .Shiny trees popped out of the clean mirror.Cheery was not cheery anymore.She was getting worried! The heavy book was fading away.The shiny stars was appering above her miniture head. The mid nght sky was as dark as the salty sea.

    1. Miss Leather says:

      Great similes! I can really picture it! Well done:-)

    2. speedowilland says:


  36. Shoomacker willand says:

    It is a magical book and it will take you anywhere when you speak to it.She wanted to go to see a murmad then she wanted to go to the beach.

  37. James Bond Willand says:

    Cheery looked at the heavy old book. When she saw the title she dropped the book. The floorboards were so light they crumbeld.A portal appeared and she jumped into the portal. Eventually when she came out of the portal she was shocked! Cheery was at the top of the Effiel tower!She looked down. ”WOA!” ”I am really high!”

    1. Miss Leather says:

      Woa! I wasn’t expecting that! Awesome!

  38. The following night she remembered the experience of the book, and imeditley was sent to

    1. katsumapopet Willand says:

      Crikey, it’s a bit violent! I used to like sushi! I hope she is safe in bed!

  39. A mysterious voice from out of no where whispered, ” Who are you ? Where do you come from?, if you have touched this book, you will be doomed! Wha ha ha wha ha ha wha ha ah.

    “He he he he”, laughed Cheery,what she didn’t know was that the mysterious voice was not joking. A few minutes later Cheery went downstairs for sausages and mash for tea, it was a normal Saturday night so Cheery`s whole family sat at the table and started to eat.” Cheery, why aren’t you eating properly today?” said her Mum.

    “I cant help it, I really do think I`m cursed”

    “Don’t be ridiculous, who told you all of this rubbish,now once you have finished, go straight to bed and hopefully you`ll be more normal in the morning.

  40. Super Hero Willand says:

    The title of the book was horrible horror.Cheery screamed.She was petrifyed.The pictures came to life.zombies,ghosts,Egyptian mummys and vampires came out, but the most scary was the phantom.No one could hear her scream.Cheery found an old rope and tied up the monsters.The next day the monstors were gone only the rope was there….

  41. Yellow top Willand says:

    Abruptly she sat next to the book and read the title,the title was The mesterias cave ,she started reading, but as she read she got tieder and tieder . Eventally she was asleep. Suddenly she woke up she found herself in a mysterious cave and she still had the book . Carefully she opened it hoping she would be sent back home.

  42. Flo Rida Willand says:

    Cheery dropped the box she tried to be brave.She picked it up. It opened and a magic wedding ring popped out it was her grandfather’s wedding ring.The wallpapers fell down, there was a secret door, it opend! There was a forest there!

  43. Super soinic willand says:

    Cheery dropped the book because it was tikling her hands because the book was magical . It had hands! but cheery didn’t know that there were 2 books in it, the first book was called “The secrets” and the over book was called”The ansers”.She scared of wich book to choose but abruptly she chose “The book of secrets” wich has adventures in it.

    1. Miss Leather says:

      Eeeeek! A tickly book! Great ideas- well done!

  44. Clordeen willand says:

    Cheery piked the book up again and took it to a brite light in the distens . she opend the book and read “alica wallica catiantail catiantail alice alice” . Cheery repeted it and then ” WOOSH”cheery zoomed off…………………

  45. MR. Willand says:

    She slowly picked up the was called adventure time .She new that if you opened it it will put you in an adventure ,but it was a diffrent book. she opened the book and lots of different monsters came out. There were terrifieng vampiers, Bob the gloopy alien, but the most scaryist was the dino team……..

    to be continued…

  46. Mr. Happy willand says:

    She slowly picked the mysterys book up. she opened the book and a digital land apead brightly.She turned the page and she started to read it.It turned into a !MAGICAL PLACE! The story was called DOOMS DAY!She ran to her room.She fell of her bed.

    1. katzumapoppet says:

      You spelt of wrong, it`s off!

    2. super sonic says:

      This is an excellent story. It really gives me a good picture in my head! Well done.

  47. maisy willand says:

    when cherry had dropped the old book the atic was no longer an atic it was a magical rainforest! before she went the title appeared it said the magic facts about a rainforest. In the rainforest she… wanted it to rain she kept on gowing until it rained it rained in an hour.

  48. Ejb Willand says:

    The book took her to a land in 80000 bc
    in there were some cave men there.
    The cave men was making pants! The girl
    asked something, the cave men said
    weeurd.She ran on past the
    cave. She found the old book that was magic book it teliportid her home. She had a drinck because she was fursty. She went to bed and fell asleep.

  49. katzumapoppetwilland says:

    Cautiously, Cheery knelt down and touched the book carefully but nothing happened. Suddenly a voice, not just any voice but a ghoulish voice said “Get out before my ansesters haunt you.” So cheery ran to the attic door but the door banged in front of her.When the door closed, she could see whirling colours and she ended up in a lonely forest. The trees opened their eyes and glanced at her. Then cheery shudderd with fear. Then she
    fell in to a hole and fell into another world. Then she met an alien called Eebo. Eebo took her to the nothingness attic.When they got to the attic Eebo pushed Cheery out of the attic…but,fortuntly Cheery kicked Eebo and Eebo died but he was safe in his world. Cheery ripped the book so the adventures would never happen again.

    1. mr.willand says:

      i love your story,its amazing and its long i wish i was you.

  50. Supersonic willand says:

    Cheery suddenly stepped into the corner of the room and she was terrified!She picked up the book and she read the title it said Mr Magic.Cheery then started reading the begining.The author was mike magic.She was so excited to read the next page.It said If you found this wonderfull book you will have an adventure in space.

  51. Bert Willand says:

    The title of the book was very mustairyos cheery was full of fright. abrutly cheery dropt the book and carried on dancing …..

  52. Xlegoboy Willand says:

    The title was unknown mysteries of families. She suddenly shaked with fear. Abrupty a portal to another diemention apeard and sucked cheery into it. She found herself in an old wooden house. She was wondering if she went back in time.

  53. Super Stefany Willand says:

    It was a magicall book and it wil take you anywhere you like.You just talk to it and it takes you there.She could say please can you take me to the mirmade now can you take me home to my mummyand my daddy.The next day the sun was very, very, very light.

  54. Lizy Willand says:

    After she droped the dusty book on the floor ,there was no longer an atice .Instead there was a glimiring forest , so the story must be called foggy forest or maybe not when she blew the dust of the dusty book.She saw the title the title said, the foggy forest .She stept in the magical door and … there was a big squeaky gate.

    1. Strawberry Willand says:

      I really like your continuation of the story.

  55. Blosom Wiland says:

    After she had dropped it magic started to come out of the book and the atic was no longer an atic it was a forest light went all on evrything.

  56. […] the results to tap into a global audience. They also left the audience with something to take away; a blogged version of the shared writing for students in their classes to […]

  57. Miss Pennington says:

    She cautiously opened the dusty covers once more……each page she turned….it seemed like it would never end..until she heard a knock at the ancient, wooden door.

  58. Kerry says:

    She carefully opened the old book. Inside, it contained images of strangers. Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her and a thin hand grabbed her arm…

  59. Then, backing away slowly she rubbed her head and shook it side to side, trying to get rid of the four words that tormented her.Diary of Cheery Perkins.

    How could this be true? She hadn’t ever written a diary, but then her Mother’s words came back to her.”One day, my little one, your future will be revealed.”She had always thought it was a fairy tale, but now, she wasn’t so sure. Shaking, she spotted a dusty old chair in the corner of the room, and sitting down in it, she slowly opened the book.

    18th of July, 1876.

    A little child will be born today, a girl, owning the name of Cheery. She will be born in the sitting room of a grand house in the country side …

    Cheery Stopped. “It could be any girl, after all, I’m sure there are more people than just me with that name and birth date, and there are lots of houses in the country side.” She whispered to herself, trying to comfort her worries.

    But then, she looked down the page and saw more writing that petrified her.

    It is believed that the house is later called Oakly Mannor, and her Mother and Father are called Lucy and Andrew Perkins.

    This would have been enough for anyone, she threw the book down and rushed out of the room. With no need to pick it up again.

    Later that day curiosity got the better of her. She crept back to the attic and opened the book somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately it was the worst news anyone could receive. It told her that one week later than now her Mother would die from a terrible illness. Cheery wept and wept, not living up to her name, and when she finally dried her eyes at first she did not see more writing that followed.

    The only way to save her mother is to enter this book and find a magic apple and feed it to her.

    Cheery wondered what on earth it meant, how could anyone enter a book? But just as she spoke this a whirl pool appeared in front of her very eyes, and sucked her up into the book, snapping shut behind her.

    When she opened her eyes, as she had squeezed them shut in fear, she saw a huge tree in front of her, and she was standing on a silver hill with golden flowers. The sky was pink, and a big blue sun shone behind her. Immediately, as she remembered what the book said, she set about the task of climbing the tree, grazing her knee in the process. However, she eventually reached the top, and a glittering apple shone in front of her. Cheery reached out her hand and plucked it, and as soon as her fingers wrapped around it, the whirlpool appeared again and she was sucked back to the attic.

    When she was back she threw the book into the fire in order to burn it later, and rushed down to her Mother, relieved. So that is where we shall leave her, happy.

  60. Mohammed & Reece & Haarith says:

    Future In Attic

    The title was piercing red with blood dripping from it. Cheery looked at and it said ”The Answer Of The Future”. She opened it with her eyes closed, it said your family would die first, then you would suffercate. Then the ghost of your family would haunt you. Then you would die after ten days of suffercation.

  61. Nabzilla’s Talking Book!
    Cheery looked at the silent book” Nabzilla’s Talking Book .”Cheery slowly picks up the book and dared not to open it. Her hands trembled as she opened the book. The first page said “Nabailla’s Talking Book.” Suddenly her voice came from the book ” Nabzilla’s Talking Book .” Cheery reluctently dropped the book and gasped. The book whispered ” hi Cheery your looking pretty today.” Cheery backed off and whispered ” impossible .” The book spoke in a commanding voice and said ” I’m Nabzilla and how old are you ?” Cheery replied ” I am nine.” The book suddenly became quite as if it became lifeless.

  62. Fernando & Ethan says:

    The title was ‘ The Snow Monster’, however the writer was… Suddenly everything was black and the girl faints. Amazingly she wakes up in Finland. She is surrounded with pure white snow. She sees movement… it’s a polar bear. Then it chases her into a cave and then in a blink of an eye the polar bear ran away, as something was behind it and it ate the girl… Suddenly she wakes up screaming with the book in her hands!

  63. Jake & Josh says:

    The title was The Legend of Paul Cop. Cheery opened the book, then a hand grabed Cheery’s wrist
    & it started to pull her hand into the book. Cheery hit the hand & pushed it back in

  64. Amber, Phoebe and Danielle says:

    Opening the book, Cheery had a flashback of London 2004, the day her loving caring mother disappeared. Reading line by line, she appeared in a mysterious land of horror. A strange looking shadow in front of her slowly rose into a creature with a blood shot eye, 2 arms, 4 aqua blure legs and a huge fluffy head. It screamed ” Awa awa awa!”. Cheery turned and started to run but then it said “Stop, don’t go, I am your mother Jenny, someone changed me into this. I am so sorry I left you at only 4 years old sweetie, I didn’t mean it!”
    “Oh mum, I really missed you…I love you so much and i know you didn’t mean it” Cheer answered….

  65. keaton and michael says:

    She looked at the book,but ther was a mirror on it and when she looked in it she saw a old womans hand touching her shoulder.As she screamed she heard a screeching noise along the wall.She zoooomed down the stairs when she saw a little boy in her livingroomShe called her husband to say can he come home.When he did he saw his wife sitting on the floor praying.She had two sons at school one older one called derick aged 12 and one younger one called bill aged 6When they came home dad,mum,and bill sat on the sofa whilst derick whent in the attick whilst mum did not know… When derick went in the attic he saw the book and picked it up he saw a old woman standing behind him he then she touched him.He ran up the ladders to get his gun when he heard bangin then he fell got up and looked…Mum and Dad ran up the stairs and found the boy lying on the floor they took him to the doctors and they put him in a speacil bed at home. A week later bill told his mum,mum can you shut dericks door at knite and his mum asked why bill and bill repliyed because i dont like the way derick walkes around at knite.That night mum was lying in bed whilst dad was down stairs and a man walked out side her window a few times then when he walked back he was in the room she shouted for her husband but dad was a sleep.In the mourning mum sead to dad can we move dad sead yes so when they moved mum was tacking out the trash and she put the radio on but when she walked past the window she saw a boy dancing to the music she ran in and ther was nothing ther she called a paranormal person when she came she looked around and she told mum that it was not the house that was haunted it was derick…

  66. The title was in bold letters and it had her name written all over it shiny letters were used for the e’s. She opened the book and something started shouting her name.

  67. When she read the old cover of the book cheery fell back onto the floorboards and they creeked, then all of a sudden she found a box adressed to her it was covered in dust and cobwebs but cheery noticed a crinkled note she read it very slowly. As she read on cheery came across 7 wwords “Look in the book on page 28 now.”. So that is wht she did and there was no page 28 cheery jumped back to the note and it said” if it is not there then find it you have 10 days to before you pay the price” she looked and scarpered throughout the room but in a corner saw a paper ball she unravelled it but …….

  68. Rhiannon says:

    cheary backed away from the book her heart had frozen.she closed her eyes… suddenly she felt a tickle onn her fingers,she steadily opened her left eye,and blinked, she was so relieved it was only a small rat,…but wait what had become of the book?she urged forward after heaving her body off the ground ,she started to search the hollow room.she peared up the dusty cobb-webbed fire place wich hung in the corner of the room….a sudden blast of wind blew her aback and she banged her head on the frame of the fire place.somthing had fallen into her palms…her head turned then looked down in her was the book…..but it was covered in tarantulas. a scream echoed round the room…

  69. She sprinted out of the attic library,unable to take a breath,she was petrified.She was getting her breath back now from when she saw her name printed on the book.It
    said “Cheery and her death”. She thought for a moment,but she couldn’t think of anything to do…………

  70. The title on the book was “Insruction’s to find the lost world.” She opened to the contens page and it said page 10 How to find the lost wold ,so she went to page 10 and a HUMUNGAS spider jumped towards her. She ran away and never,ever went back in the attic again.

  71. Robert/toby says:

    The name was the book of portals. She looked through the pages until she found avantia.She kepted reading until

  72. Bang! The book openend up.
    Evrything inside the book came to life!
    Mythical creatures were evry-where!
    their were giant worms and bears with wings.
    Cheery was in a strange world and it was the weirdest time of her life!

  73. Molly’s story

    As cheerey dropped the book a silent bang from outside the room echoed across the house she quickly turned around to see what had happend . Her face was white with fright her body was shaking head to toes . The door squeaked a she opend it . She saw somthing pass her instantly she fainted .

  74. The story

    She whoak up and found herself on the flooor she got up and found a note book she looked init and a letter was init and her name was on it so she opend it and it sead look on page 90 I will meet you if you don’t. Dooo IT Dooo IT a ecoo went.
    By Declan! & Connor!

  75. Alastair says:

    It could not be. But it was. The book. Poofwf poofwf. Panic strucken Cheery spun around. Then it happend again but the book was gone. “NO!!!” screamed Cheery. For it was no ordanary book. It was the leagendery book from beetlgesice. There are many theroys for how it got here, one of these is that Ford Prefect brung it to us to get blown up with the Earth to make way for a hyper galactic bypass. The Book will haunt any ape desandent who look at it. The book was infact brout to the Earth by Ford Prefect and the Earth is going to be blown up in 5 minutes and 12.95623 seconds. The book book will haunt you in such a way that you can’t die but you feel all pain. It is even worse than the toatl prospective vortex which I won’t go into much deatale about apart from that it is the second worse torcher a living organism can undergo.

  76. Saskia says:

    The book lay there, looking up at her. She ran to the door, when suddenly a roar of wind slammed the slab of wood shut.
    Soot rushed down the opening of the chimney, and then there was silence.
    She walked towards the fireplace, a soft breeze brushed her face. She started shaking, then the fireplace set alight, but soon burnt out.
    Then she saw a window and jumped…

  77. Amelie says:

    As the book hit the old creaky floorboards the book started to glow.
    Cheery was so shocked se had to blink a couple times to make sure what she was seeing was actually real.Suddenly the book started flicking through pages and then It stoppedon a newspaper article about her father!
    Her father was a firefighter and died In a colossal fire In the state building of Oklahoma.

  78. Suddenly the book opened…
    She was speechless. Cheery blew on the pages. It was like sparkles running through the old dusty house. She went to read the book everything in the book just suddenly came alive. She was scared…As she fell back and bumped her head on the creaky, dusty floorboards.

  79. Robert/Toby says:

    The name was the book of portals. She looked through the pages until she found Avantia.She kept looking until a portal was made. Suddenly Spiros the ghost phoenix flew out and pushed Cheery in. She met Tom the protector of Avantia. Spiros followed her through the portal. Could she escape.

  80. Morgan says:

    Slam went the book on the old creaky floorboards. When she picked it up it was making a tune saying its time to die Cheery. She droped it again and the blood stained writing said the book of the dead. She screamed as loud as she could but no living thing could hear her.

  81. Dillan says:

    At that moment she realised that she had ran out of…starbursts so she ran
    down stares and opend the door and she saw the closed shop and she thought that it was the end of the world so she jumped of the empire state building and landed on a taxi and she was alive because of the power of starbursts and saw a open shop and in it thay had one pake of starbursts…

  82. I fell. The book had my name all over it. I thought for a moment

  83. jordan says:

    My story:

    Photo`s of her family history

  84. Super sonic says:

    Wow that is a lot of writing

  85. Rebecca says:

    The book was called the history of the Perkins family. Cheery’s family. Curious, she took the book into the corner of the attic, staring at the book as if it were a treasure, and sat down in the old creaky armchair. The first page contained a family tree from 1709! That was a long time ago. Skipping a few hundred pages, Cheery came across her birth year, 1998. Her name was there, right at the bottom next to her sisters. Underneath was a colour, most of her family on the tree had yellow under their name. So why did Cheery have brown under her name? In search for the answer, Cheery decided to look through the next pages checking for an explanation key.

  86. Amy says:

    Wow that is so cool.

  87. mannah and Laura says:

    Wearily, Cheery bent down and picked up the book. There on the front cover was her great, great grandfather

  88. At that moment, Cheery froze. Cheery saw her mum in the dark, dusty, old, book. Suddenly she heard someone creeping behind her. She didn

  89. Sarah & Harriet says:

    At that moment, Cheery found herself dumbstruck because as soon as she saw the title the book read it out itself. Suddenly Cheery hid the book and just in time to, as she fainted and one second later her mother dashed in to see her lying unconsciously on the squeaky, hard, wooden floor. Just then her mother found the book and with that she screamed, picked up Cheery and stumbled down the splintering stairs. The next day as Cheery awoke she dressed herself quickly and ran up the battered stairs to the miniature attic room to look for a convenient hiding place to read the mysterious book. Cheery looked for the book where she had hidden it the day before but was not there she looked and finally she found it however it would not budge; Cheery was standing next to the open the French window. Suddenly the book did a huge jerk and at the same moment she tripped and fell out the window and with a howl of pain she died. The unfortunate End!

  90. Suddenly, Cheery saw the book glowing bright green and shockingly Cheery screamed as a terrifying voice said,

  91. Emily and Rheanna says:

    Suddenly, Cheery froze in fear. She heard a creek in the floor board but nobody was there. In the corner Cheery saw a creepy picture of her mum. Shocked, frightened, worried Cheery looked away. As she turned around she saw a ghost Cheery screamed

  92. Naila&Rahimah says:

    At that scary moment, Cheery felt extremely scared. Then suddenly, Cheery looked in the book. She saw a picture of her when she was born. Then she started to cry. Then the floorboards were starting to creek. She was terrified, horrified and petrified. Just then there was something behind her. She did not want to look back because she would get scared. Then she looked back. She saw some think creepy .It was a ghost .Just then she shouted Mum. But there was no answer. She started to cry again.

  93. danyal and hashim says:

    Suddenly, Cheery saw a book behind her. She picked it up and read the cover. On the cover it said beware what

  94. kulsoom and rumeysa says:

    At that moment, Cherry looked on the floor where the book lay. Suddenly she looked into the dusty book and saw her mum and dad and she felt like she was going to cry because they were dead. Amazingly, she saw lots of bats and a big bloody, scary ghost and fell on the floor and heart herself. She read the book a bit more and it said look behind you!!!

  95. Siyar and says:

    Amazingly, Cheery looked down at the book and she blew the dust from the book. She opened the book and saw her Brother. Suddenly, Cheery heard a noise and saw a vampire. He was as large as a white board. She screamed at the vampire and the vampire got scared and ran away. She ran to the door it was locked she heard the vampire coming towards her and Cheery ran away.

  96. The book said Death of Potter!!! Cheery was petrified because her brother

  97. josiah says:

    At that moment, Cheery looked at the book again. She ran off she saw her mum come on Cheery les go home. The next day cheery went back she read the book. But then she saw a vampire. It tried to bit her but she ran off. she looked at it. the Vampire went away so she came out and she read the book again it set when the fool moon is out a fox will come
    Out and trun into a woof yoer eats popoel.

  98. Joba says:

    At that moment, Cheery stood in fear. As soon as she saw the title she froze. Cheery looked inside the book and it said you will die if you don

  99. Big Acorns @ The Topsham School says:

    A shared piece of writing from the Reception Class at Topsham School:-

    On the front of the ancient book were the words ‘DANGER IS COMING, DANGER IS COMING’ in bright red and deadly gold. All of a sudden Cheery smelled the whiff of plasma and saw a hairy, blood covered claw reaching down the chimney.

  100. Zak Lampton 7k says:

    The title read, “The Secrets of Heaven and Earth.” Cheery, being an inquisitive girl, started reading the book. After she had read 2 words a howling gail started; a wizard appeared…
    The wizard said in a deep voice,”You are messing with things beyond what a human should.”
    Cheery immediately ran away, thrusting the book into the wizards hands. Cheery was not cheery anymore…

  101. Carol Rainbow says:

    I am really impressed with your writing everyone! Very well done 🙂

  102. Aman lampton 7K says:

    She dropped the book because it was her grand father’s diary and it had his inventions and the ingridients for his famous pie and how he mysteriously died.

  103. Avkash Singh says:

    The book had changed Cheery’s life completely, she started looking at life in a different way – she no longer remained the normal Cheery. After a few days Cheery went back to the cave where she dropped the book, she saw it still lying there how she had left it. she slowly extended her hand to pick it up and quickly ran with it home.
    “What’s that you’ve got that Cheery?” curiously asked her mother, constantly trying to look at what she was hiding behind her back.
    “Oh nothing, nothing mum” she answered. running up the stairs not looking at her mum in the eye. She decided she would late read the book and try out her Grandfather’s inventions and Ingredients for delicious recipies……….

  104. Avkash lampton 7k says:

    She dropped the book because it was titled “the secrets of magic revealed” all her family

  105. Zainab Lampton 7K says:

    It read

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  107. Simin, Lampton 7K says:

    She slowly kneeled down, collected her breath and picked up the book. As she was the removing final pieces of dust, when a mysterious wind wrapped around her and drew her into another galaxy. As she saw many colour surround her. She fell to the ground and noticed her surroundings, she was in a graveyard. She saw a beautiful flower and tried to touch it and suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed her by the neck. She turns around to see the old library looking very new and the Librarian strangling her.

  108. Shivani , Lampton 7K says:

    It read ” The Past of Cheery” she knew was a warning and she fled. But she left her diamond ring there. Next to the fireplace a shadow screamed her name. The shadow saw the diamond ring and said ” I wonder why i gave you this ring Cheery, my last breath was for this ring. Cheery heard this and said “Mother”……………

  109. Mina Lampton 8k says:

    The name of book was ‘The living dead’ she couldn’t belive it. The dead are dead she opened the book carefully and suddenly she saw a figure floating it was coming closer. No.She couldn’t belive it, this is a fantasy she thought it was her dead grandma. The book brings your lost ones back. Cheery knew that she shouldn’t keep this book it’s not fair she thought but she knew consequences. She destroyed the book before someone else found it. Cheery was regreting destroying the book because every night the ghosts come to haunt her…….

  110. Avni Lampton 7k says:

    It was called Cherry Rose, How She Died. She was speechless. She opened the book and she saw the exact things that happened previously in her life. Then she turned to the page that she was living this current moment. Suddenely she spun around anxiously, as she thought someone was there. She turned around to read the book………. but this time, something was there…….. an invisible pen was writing away on the next page of her life…………

  111. jonathan haaris 7k says:

    it read “shakesperes soul and the lost play” she couldn’t believe ; that she has the secret lost play of shakespere all history have been looking for this. o her amaze the book starts to talk and it said you are the long lost destended of shakespere so she thought with this power of writing he took a transformation and no she is now the female shakespere

  112. jonathan haaris shreenand 7k says:

    it read

  113. How could this be?
    The book of her childhood with all the stories she treasured to dearly, ‘Once Upon A Fairy Tale’.
    But she lost it. Or supposedly she did years ago, or maybe somebody took it.
    But surely they couldn’t have, the book had disappeared on a chilly autumn day before Cheery could remember; and besides the house was locked!
    “Stop it! Just Stop”, Cheery told herself, “Nobody had come in to the house, and anyway something would have to have been broken or smashed for someone to get it.”
    Cheery’s whole body froze.
    Someone was in the house, she could hear them breathing.
    The noise was very steady and quiet but equally sinister.
    What could she do? Cheery didn’t know the first thing about defending herself and no matter how hard she tried, her legs just wouldn’t move, they had turned to water.
    Who was the stranger who was stalking the corridor? Could it be S— (the anonymous contact who had been texting her non stop about….. the incident.
    Come to thing of it could S— be the one who once stole and had now returned her story book?
    “No that was years ago, don’t be stupid! she thought, tried to convince herself.
    The steady breathing had quickened and gotten much louder.
    Cheery knew it was only seconds before the stranger in her house made it to her room.
    Her search desperately for any possible weapon she could use but found nothing.
    Every second felt like a year.
    The breathing got louder.
    Cheery frantically searched for anything she could use, even a pair of scissors would do in her panic to find something;
    but it was to late.
    The stranger entered the room……

  114. Loujaina Lampton 7K says:

    The book fell to the floor in a pile of dirt and ashes. She gaped, staring at the cover in horror. ‘Illuminati’ it read. ‘Behind The Mystery’. She picked up the book, quivering, and then grabbed it, flicking open the pages. She realised there was a hole in one of the pages… a triangular shaped hole. She put her eye to the hole, and before she knew it she was sucked into another dimension, of which no one was ever to see her again.

  115. Sivahami Lampton 7k says:

    THUD. the sound rippeld acroos the room.
    She found what she was looking for the last shakespere play. The play that her Great great great great grandfarther wrote.

  116. Ruben lampton school 7k says:

    she dropped the book as she noticed it was cursed with a heart beat beating extremly fast when you pick it up and the book lets out blood when it feels tension in the wrong hands. This curse does not have a cure and will not activate until the book has been open

  117. super sonic says:

    It realy gives a good picture in my head

  118. Aarzoo lampton 7k says:

    It was her family book everything every secret in their the books title was her name she was amazed .

  119. Mardy willand says:

    cheery sudenly picked it up again and crooled into a corner.The title was the magical lands and adventurs.She turned over the page and saw lots of lands and secrets.There was a queschon and it said would you like to solve one of the mystory.Cheery said yes.Insterntly the atick turned into a woods.She founed hereself in a volcano .She saw a little pirimid.As she picked it up, she ran out of the volcano. Suddenly everything turned into her attic, she was home!

  120. bradley and rupesh Lampton 7k says:

    She droped the book because it was the story of her Dads mystirous diserperance.
    Cherry opened the first page and scremed there was a picture of her dad lying on the road dead.Cherry was not Cherry any more.

  121. Radha says:

    cheery couldn’t believe it, she was shocked of what the book said “great memoriesof cheery”.She picked up the book and read the first page. Then she noticed it was exactly like her personal diary. Every moment and every secret was in there. What could this mean?……

  122. It started to open, a beam of light flashed out. Bang!
    I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, suddenly there was a man standing immediately in front of me, he was covered in blood. Help!
    And those were my last words.

  123. The mysterious suspicious raging rattler was under cover. He was on orders to destroy the book of peace but he had prevention caused by the greatest hero of all time, Akalax, he was so eager to destroy him and earn his reward and fame by his villainous friends. e zoomed off in hyper sonic speed to find the book of peace and use it against all of those that feel the need for peace as a weapon , as the book of destruction. He searched the golden house in the golden where all the gold was lost in Earth and where all the secrets lie. He searching for Zangons ( 32-38min = 1zangon ) He was so furious that he couldn’t find it so furious in fact he felt like destroying the power of the world, if he had the capability of course. He saw a light shining upon him in the attic. He went up there to take a look. He glazing upon the book of peace that he had been searching for it was like as if he were transformed mentally. Akalax was in his sight and used a power thrust against him to blow him away he deflected the power and it was headed directly towards the book of peace. So then it collapses and they were standing there in horror of what happened in front of their eyes that was foretold that they would be teleported somewhere else.

    This very day people still are puzzled why this why this book has not been found.

  124. it meant that he can cure all the problems in the world

  125. Iranea Lampton 7k says:

    The book had the words “END…”written all over it. Suddenly Cheery heard footsteps, Cheey dropped the book and ran as she could. Cheery didn’t know what to do. All she knew was that she was not returning again…

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