My Digital Story

My Digital Story

Welcome to the Official SWGfL Mitchell and Pie Look blog. This is the place where the analogue meets the digital! On Tuesday morning, Pie Corbett as part of his Keynote at the SWGfL conference in Plymouth will use one of the images below, alongside one of the objects below to complete a shared write with the help of the audience. It is up to you to decide which of the images he will use for his session. But which one? You decide! Please vote for what you want to be included in his presentation. Please also vote on which object he will be including in his session too! Mitchell will then take over and together we will give both delegates present physically and virtually something to take away and work with in their classroom!

Picture 1                                                       Picture 2



Picture 3                                                   Picture 4


Please vote for which picture you’d like Pie to use in his ‘Shared Write’ session:

Which object do you want Pie Corbett to use in his ‘Shared Write’ session:


  1. Abena says:

    As I’ve voted, can you please share the fruits of your labour? Will this be recorded? Would be interesting to see how it’s delivered and managed…
    Love ‘Jumpstart Literacy!’ by the way 🙂

  2. Mrs Calvert says:

    I chose the window and the empty bottle. This is probably because I am KS1 and think they may not understand some of the other images and may be a little scared by one of the items!

  3. Theresa says:

    Looking forward to the results and feedback, sounds like an interesting event!

  4. SWGfLSteve says:

    Mystery, intrigue and a touch of Mwuhahahah!

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